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    Dang Bar 3 Flavor Variety Pack
    the Plant-Based Keto Bar™
    Box of 12

    • High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low-Carb Snack Bar
    • Healthy Plant-Based Fats from Coconut, Cocoa Butter, and Almond Butter
    • Ideal for Ketogenic, Low-Carb, Low-Sugar Diets
    • Keto Certified / No Added Sugar* / Vegan / Gluten-Free
    • *Not a low calorie food
    Variety Pack Keto Dang Bar Ketogenic Optimized Macros

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 127 reviews
    I've tried the lemon matcha and loved it!!!😀👍

    I've tried the lemon matcha and it was delicious!!!😀👍

    Hey Kathryn! Thanks for the feedback! Lemon Matcha is the MVP in my book! Great balance in flavors and texture. :D Keep enjoying and sharing! Christina from the Dang Gang
    Satisfaction Without Being Overly Sweet

    I love every flavor! I have to pace myself. I could easily eat three every day.

    Hey Deborah! Thanks so much for the amazing feedback! I couldn't agree more...if there's a bar in the house, I have to eat it! lol Glad you're enjoying our Dang Bars as much as we do! :) All the best, Christina from the Dang Gang
    Texture issue

    The taste isn’t bad but it’s so dry and crumbly. Instantly sucks all the moisture out of your mouth.

    Hi Zachary! Thank you for your feedback! Apologies for your negative experience with our product. We are a small, passionate team and take our quality control very seriously. We value integrity and want to continuously improve so our Dangsters like you have the best possible snacking experience. Please message us at so we can further assist you with your concerns and try to make it right! Thanks! Christina from the Dang Gang

    Wasn’t feeling it... I was hoping for a “wow” taste but they were very bland and grainy.

    Hi Vanessa! Thanks for trying Dang Bar and for taking the time to share your feedback. I’m sorry to read that you were not satisfied with the taste and texture of our product. Dang Bars are made with whole food ingredients. You can actually see and taste the almonds, sunflower and chia seeds. Our bar has more of a crumbly cookie texture vs “extruded” bars which have a more gummy texture. We value your review and appreciate your feedback as we work to improve Dang products every day! All the Best! Christina from the Dang Gang

    Dang Bar 3 Flavor Variety Pack

    Hey Michael! Thanks for the 5 star review!! :) All the best, Christina from the Dang Gang

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