Dang's not just for snacking straight outta of the bag. Check out our “pro tips” below for new fun and delicious ways to enjoy Dang.

Dang Bar Pro Tips

Top Chia Seed Pudding with Cubed Dang Bar


Quick and Easy: our two favorite words when it comes to meal prep. Soak chia seeds overnight in unsweetened almond milk milk to get the base for this popular keto-friendly breakfast pudding.

Instead of using sugary, high carb granola, top it with fresh berries for your dose of antioxidants and add a few chunks of Dang Bar for a filling, nutrient-rich meal to start the day.

Add a Drizzle of Nut Butter


Hankering for some dessert but don’t have the ingredients, time or energy to whip up those amazing low carb triple chocolate cupcakes you saw on Instagram last week?

Easy fix: glam up your Dang Bar with a heavy drizzle of nut butter for an indulgence that hits the spot and fits your macros.

Crumble a Dang Bar Over Your Yogurt Bowl


We love a creamy, dreamy, thick, velvety yogurt. Our favorite hack for adding in some extra flavor and crunch is to crumble a Dang Bar on top. You get all of the crunch, none of the sugar.

Coconut Chips Pro Tips

Sprinkle Coconut Chips On a Smoothie or Acai Bowl

tropical mango coconut chips acai smoothie bowl topping

Your smoothie or acai bowl is calling out for some extra crunch - instead of using shredded coconut laden with artificial flavors, grab a bag of Dang Coconut Chips. Our toasted sliced coconut chips are bigger, thicker, and just plain superior than shredded or flaked coconut. Use it instead of granola for a crunchy gluten free, grain free smoothie topper.

Add a Drizzle of Nut Butter and Coconut Chips to Your Morning Stack

caramel sea salt coconut chips pancakes

For those Sunday brunch pancakes, you may as well pull out all the stops. Drizzle melted nut butter over a stack of cakes and add a handful of toasted coconut chips to the top for real breakfast of champions. Peanut butter pairs well with Chocolate Sea Salt Coconut Chips. Want to make it Paleo? Use a grain free pancake recipe, almond butter, and our Caramel Sea Salt coconut chips sweetened with paleo friendly coconut sugar.

Thai Rice Chips Pro Tips

Replace Croutons with Gluten-Free Thai Rice Chips

sriracha spice salad croutons

We call this hack “Crouton 2.0”. Sprinkle a handful of Thai Rice Chips on top of a salad for a fun gluten free crunch. Try Sriracha Spice for a slight kick, Aged Cheddar for a cheesy bite, or Coconut Crunch for a sweet crunch.

Dip Your Chips in Guac

original thai rice chips guacamole hummus dip

Dang's Thai Rice Chips aren't just for snacking straight out of the bag. Pair them with guacamole and hummus just like you would any other chip. The thicker texture of the rice chips compared to regular tortilla chips makes for a more satisfying crunch. Plus, they’re extra thick, so they’re perfect for loading up on toppings - no more tortilla breakage.

Add Some Crunch to Your Soup

aged cheddar thai rice chips tomato soup topper

For a quick take on comfort food: throw a handful of Aged Cheddar Thai Rice Chips atop creamy tomato soup (and ditch the grilled cheese sandwich). We also love to add Savory Seaweed Rice Chips to miso soup or ramen, or throw some Coconut Crunch on a classic curry for some added texture and crunch.