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    What’s Good at Dang

    BuzzFeed Review - Melt In Your Mouth Goodness

    "Tastes like a classic chai latte minus the dairy and the carbs."

    Greatist Review - A Keto No Brainer

    "A keto no-brainer."

    Refinery29 Review - Greatest Snack of All Time

    "Greatest snack of all time."

    Rachel Ray Every Day Review

    "Dang, they've done it again!"

    SHAPE Review - Super Crunchy and Great to Snack On

    "Super crunchy and great to snack on from the bag."

    "Best Snack Awards 2019"

    As brothers living between NYC & Bangkok, we grew up eating differently. We created Dang, named after our Mom — to share uniquely Asian-American snacks with the flavors and ingredients we love.

    - Vincent & Andrew

    Low-Sugar Bars with whole food ingredients you can see and taste

    Fresh Thai Coconut Chips
    toasted to Perfection

    Crispy, crunchy Thai Sticky-Rice Chips