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Mama Dang sez “eat more your veggies” we listen. Here at Dang we’re plant-centric and focused on using real, whole food ingredients that grow straight from Mother Nature. Made with ingredients like plant protein from peas and pure cocoa with no added milk, everything you’ll find below is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and free of animal products.

Dang does Keto? Yes we do, we love the low carb life! And we’ve got the coconuts (fresh off the boat from Thailand) to prove it. And bars too. The myth of how “fat is bad” has been debunked. Check below for snacks made with the perfect ratio of macros, no sugar alcohols, no fake stuff, and 100% Keto-Certified.

Need your protein fix? Dang Bar is everything you wanted in a protein bar and more. Not just because it tastes Dang delicious, but because the end result of cold pressing together whole foods ingredients like almonds, pea protein, sunflower and chia seeds is a pure, simple bar that’s gluten free, dairy free, keto friendly AND has 9g of Protein. You won’t find that typical protein bar gumminess; instead, all our bars actually have a cookie-crumbly-like texture you can see and taste. See for yourself.