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    Sticky-Rice Chips
    Made with Crunchy Thai Rice Grains

    How We Make Sticky-Rice Magic

    Farmers cultivate our sticky-rice on Thai rice paddies, delivered direct and fresh to our Dang kitchens.
    Then, we soak our sticky-rice in watermelon juice, which acts as a natural binder and adds a touch of sweetness. Coconut milk to adds a full, rich flavor.
    Finally, we form our chips and crisp ‘em up. The rice gets nice and toasty, like the crispy stuff you find on the bottom of a pan of home-cooked rice.
    Pop it, crunch it, dip it, top it.
    With less guilt than potato chips, our Sticky-Rice Chips are a better-for-you munch.
    So share it or hoard it. You do you.