What is a Keto Diet and Why Should I Eat More Fat If I Want to Lose it?

Carb-conscious? Us too. A Ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat diet. It simply encourages individuals to eat more healthy fats. This includes eating more coconut (our personal favorite), avocado and nuts for example. The diet stresses laying off the starchy, processed grains and addictive, refined sugars which are damaging to our bodies. In return, it promises more energy, mental clarity and a reduced appetite. These are just some of the added benefits outside of accelerated weight loss and overall loss of fat. Farewell to the days when fat was the enemy because FAT is back!

How Do I “Ketosis”?

The goal of this diet is to shock the body into Ketosis, a nirvana like state in which fat is used as the primary source of energy instead of sugar.  This process takes place when the body does not have enough sugar from carbohydrates to use as energy. When carb intake is low, the liver uses fatty-acids to create “Ketones,” which are a more sustainable source of energy than sugar molecules! They are known to help improve your brain health, lower inflammation and balance out your hormones. To help you achieve all of your Keto goals, you should aim to ramp up the amount of plant and/or animal fats, eat a moderate amount of protein and eat only 15-30 grams of net carbs per day. By clicking here you can use a specialized Keto calculator to find your ideal amount of macros.

What’s On The Keto Menu?

The Keto diet stresses the importance of eating a diet high in heart-healthy fats. This includes foods such as coconuts, avocados, olives, nuts and seeds. Those who are not vegan and or vegetarian can also enjoy seafood, meat, eggs, poultry and a moderate amount of cheese. Naturally, this diet applauds dark leafy greens and low-sugar fruits! You may even be shocked to know that you can still enjoy a spoonful of almond butter from the jar and licks of guacamole from the container. Both of these snacks can work to fit into the Ketogenic lifestyle by helping you meet your daily protein, fat and caloric needs!

What Will I Gain (Err.. Lose)?

Other than weight loss, the Keto diet aids in preventing heart disease. It also fights some types of cancer by lowering the amount of sugar in one’s diet. It increases the quality of sleep, enhances memory, improves cognition and strengthens one’s mental clarity. It also reduces the amount of seizures and migraines an individual can develop. Fat is essential for proper brain development and the Keto diet is praised for its ability to improve cognitive function. Instead of having rising and falling blood sugar levels, that are all too common when using carbs as an energy source, you will have a clearer mind. Despite your disbelief, you may even be able to skip that after work nap you have been taking.

So say sweet dreams to your fat eating fears, because Dang Bar is here.