Does It Have To Be Monday? 

Nope, you can pick any day of the week! Our take is that Monday marks a fresh start to the week and an opportunity to set a healthy tone for the days ahead.
At Dang HQ, we have a daily lunch time ritual where we dine together family-style. We use this time to unplug from work-space and connect with our co-workers about their hobbies, interests and latest Netflix obsessions. Also, we love to support local restaurants, and we experiment with  new cuisines.
Additionally, we are proud participants of another weekly tradition Meatless Mondays. Whether our team members are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, carnivorous or label-free, all hands (err, mouths) onsite welcome the week with a wholesome plant based meal.

Isn’t That A Little Extra To Ask Your Employees? 

We don’t think so.
We understand that diets can be extremely personal. However, as a company built on plant based snacking we felt the need to open the discussion about going meatless once a week. We asked our Berkeley team to vote about implementing the change to our Monday lunch menu and to our surprise, and delight, everyone welcomed the opportunity with open arms.

Aside From Saving The Animals…. What Are Some Other Reasons To Give This A Shot? 

#1 Lower your risk for cancer and heart disease: Fruits and veggies are here to kung-fu fight off some cardiovascular diseases
#2 Prevent diabetes: Diets low in processed meat can decrease chances of developing type 2 diabetes
#3 Add a chunk of change to your wallets: Plant based meals can be significantly less expensive than meat-protein cha-ching!

So, What’s The Menu Looking Like? 

If you’re nervous Meatless Monday meals look something like basic b*tch salads…. Well then, you’ve underestimated the power of plants! Here are some of our favorite grocery store items and Bay Area restaurant staples to check out:

What Are Some Grocery Store Must Grabs?   

Beyond Meat burger patties and sausage links taste ridiculously real and they are derived from plant protein.
The Honest Stand vegan cheese dips double as pasta sauce and are mischeesiously great. We bet a pretty penne you’ll be hooked!
Simply Balanced meatless chicken is just as crispy as your favorite chicken sammy sliders.
Nona Lim has a feel-better Tomato and Thai Basil soup that’s good for your soul.

What If I Only Do Takeout?  

Their produce based pad thai is out of this universe. It’s built with zucchini noodles, fresh veggies, herbs and smothered with a delicious coconut and almond sauce. Plus, you can accompany your meal with one of their refreshing cold-pressed juices for that extra detox.
This place sells the The Impossible Burger which is currently only served at restaurants. This burger looks, smells, and tastes like ground beef but, entirely made from plants.
Taco about tasting like the real Dang thing! This vegan taco chain is spicing things up by transforming plant based bites into your favorite Taco Tuesday favorites.
The real gyro of satisfying our weekly greek cravings. We urge you to try their falafel plate served with fresh veggies, hummus, tahini, and fresh baked pita.

We hope next time Monday rolls around you’ll join in our tradition and opt for a Meatless Monday meal. Tag us on Instagram in all your Dang meatless creations at #DangThatsGood.