Yes, you read that right. This unlikely combination of refreshing melon juice and crispy rice is the very reason you can’t pull your hand out of the bag after eating just one. Watermelon has been used in Thai Street food for ages. On every street corner you can find anything from watermelon smoothies, salads, juices, to just plain old slices. That’s probably the reason why Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles.” You simply can’t go hungry for long with vendors serving up this liquid sunshine everywhere you turn.

Watermelon juice is simply blended and then served straight out of the fruit with a straw. It is a traditional drink that quenches your thirst and satisfies your taste buds on a hot, humid day. We decided to take advantage of watermelon’s naturally sweet taste by soaking organic Thai rice in it. We then toast it up to create that Dang tasty “bottom-of-the-pan” rice. The salty sweetness from this dynamic duo is what makes these crunchy bites flavorful, fresh and one in a melon ;)

Where there are people in Thailand, there are food stalls... and these Thai Street Markets are anything but boring. Damnoen Saduak is a floating market in Bangkok (talk about extra). The food is paraded on wooden boats as shoppers peruse through the colorful fruits and veggies. You’ll definitely want to bring out the camera and snap a shot here for your Insta game. The Chatuchak Weekend Market is notorious for being a must-visit spot with 15,000 booths drawing more than 200,000 visitors a day. Now that’s a lot of mango Sticky-Rice.

Thai Sticky-Rice is naturally gluten free and vegan - AKA you can ball out and skip scanning the ingredients list for dairy, eggs, or wheat. These possible allergens are MIA in our Sticky-Rice Chips so you can get your sweet snackin’ on without any  stress. You can also continue to keep calm and #EatClean with these crisps because they are free of GMO’s. Soy Free peeps? You guys can munch on them too!

Our Sticky-Rice Chips bathe in luxurious coconut milk for a guilt-free and nutrient-rich taste. We then add decadent flavors like nori and Sriracha to amp up the flavor. Speaking of Sriracha, did you know Si Racha is the name of an actual town in Thailand? The oh so popular hot sauce you drizzle on every meal is named after it. Have more of a sweet-tooth? Dang’s Coconut Crunch Sticky-Rice Chips melt in your mouth with subtle flakes of our Coconut Chips.

Don’t be salty if you aren’t planning a getaway to Thailand just yet because Thai markets can be found in the United States too. Whether it’s a quick pick me up or evening feast, you cannot go wrong by visiting one. The 626 Night Market, held at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California is the largest Asian night market in the United States serving up some phenomenal Thai teas. The Queens Night Market in New York City hosts as many as 100 vendors and serves up Thai sausages and even the controversial Thai roasted crickets (yes, we’ve tried them before). You will surely be able to find something to eat no matter your preference.

Watermelon Sticky-Rice is at the heart of every little bite in the bag. <3