One thing is for certain, Keto was “the” diet of 2018 and it’s definitely sticking around for 2019! Gifting isn’t always easy, so we put together a failproof guide of the best Dang Keto goodies.

Still trying to decode the ins and outs of the Keto diet? Read this this article first.

Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Meter

How do you really know if you’re in Ketosis? Well, this Keto mojo meter will let tell you the difference between Keto-ish and Keto verified!

Workout Tank

Talk about a conversation starter! This super lightweight tank is perfect for connecting with a new Keto crush.

Classpass Gift Certificate

Ketones & cardio are a match made in heaven. Class pass allows you to studiohop and get in a sweat at all of the best fitness places in town.

Dang Bar Subscription

It’s on the inside what counts. Dang’s plant based snack bar is jam packed with nutrients like Almonds, Chia and Pea Protein to fuel all of your #snackventures! More on the nutritional benefits here.

Veggie Spiralizer & Cookbook

There are so many unique uses for a spiralizer! You can swirl up some cucumbers for a raw spin on your favorite Pad Thai recipe or saute some zucchini ‘noodles’ to mix-up with your favorite protein!

Vitamix Blender

Not your average blender, this device is great for blending up  your favorite Cauliflower mash or even a creamy “pasta” sauce to pour over some zoodles.

Staub Cocotte

Heading into the colder months, this cast iron pot is perfect for any Keto soups and stews!

The Keto Box

Everyone has that one friend that’s always snacky. The Keto Box comes with a unique monthly assortment of all the latest and greatest Ketogenic snacks!

Instant Pot

Get that slow cooker taste in minutes and impress your friends and family with a Keto concoction!

Keto Wine

Keto friendly wines? Sign us up! Dry Farm Wines prides themselves on their “hangover free” organic wine. Oh, and did we mention its sugar free, carb free and additive free? #GETLIT

Fondue For Two

Turn up the heat on date night with this fondue maker. Here is one of our favorite Keto fondue recipes.

Herb Keeper

There’s nothing more depressing than opening your fridge one day later and finding that your herbs have wilted over. Save yourself some thyme and money with these herb homes!

Premium Meat Box

Your dreams have been answered. Goldbely is a curated website that offers shipping from your favorite restaurants around the U.S. Send your meathead friends some savory steaks from their “Holy Grail Steak Sampler.”

Graphic Tee

So everyone can see they are on the Keto diet and stop offering them baked goods!

Collagen Creamer

For skin so glowy, you’ll likely give J. Lo a run for her money!

Coffee Subscription

Channel your inner barista with this monthly bean subscription from Misto Box.

Keto Cooking Program

Tired of googling “Keto recipes” every week? Save yourself some money and the agony of four day leftovers with Green Chef’s weekly Keto cooking box.

Avocado Huggers

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to appreciate the beauty in these! Portion control your avocado consumption with these silicone avocado cups.

Ketotarian Cookbook

Incase you thought avoiding meat on Keto was next to impossible... it’s not! Dr. Will Cole’s mostly plant based cookbook highlights a ton of delicious meal ideas.

Lily’s Chocolates

These stevia sweetened chocolates are the perfect stocking stuffers for that chocoholic in your life.

Metal Straws

So you can look *extra* cute sippin’ on that Keto Hot Cocoa and save the sea turtles at the same Dang time!
What's on your Keto Christmas List?