There is a reason why celebrities like Cindy Crawford swear by Chinese Medicine. Eastern alternative medicine is gaining traction in the western world and it’s about time these ultra healing beauty secrets are exposed. So stock up and take note, because this is the year to #GlowUp.

Maca Root

the hormone healer

This Peruvian superfood sensation is known to relieve symptoms of menopause, improve your mood, boost energy, improve learning and increase memory. This complete protein is sold as a powder and can easily be added to your smoothies.

 ✧ Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr tells Cosmo that she uses maca powder in her nutrient-dense morning smoothies on the reg.



WHY IT’S WORTH THE HYPE: This superior organic Maca from Viva Naturals is gelatinized (without the use of animal products) which makes it easier to digest, containing more concentrated nutrients.


the lean green fighting machine

An antioxidant powerhouse that boosts metabolism, enhances mood, prevents disease, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. Only one cup of this liquid meditation is equivalent to ten cups of green tea with less caffeine than coffee but longer amounts of sustained you can say goodbye to the jitters.

✧ Rapper Drake has invested his $$$ in MatchaBar (only the coolest matcha chain around).

✧ Jennifer Aniston calls matcha green tea her “secret weight loss miracle supplement”.



WHY IT’S WORTH THE HYPE: This mighty maca powder is organic and the perfect creamy additive to your morning latte or morning smoothie if you’re anti pill.


nature’s painkiller

This spice does more than make your favorite curry that yellowish color, it is shown to improve brain function, lower the risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, and delay aging. You can enhance turmeric absorption by adding pepper or fat such as coconut oil.

✧ Actress Priyanka Chopra makes her own #DIY recipe using turmeric in own homemade face masks to give her skin a little TLC.

✧ Gwenyth Paltrow’s go-to Golden Milk Latte includes turmeric as the superstar ingredient.



WHY IT’S WORTH THE HYPE: These pills include whole plant extracts of Turmeric and Black Pepper for MAX absorption of the nutrients that the Curcumins in Turmeric have to offer.

Reishi Mushroom

the healing mushroom

This magic mushroom is hailed the “plant of immortality” because it improves anxiety and depression, relieves allergies, benefits the heart, helps you sleep, heals the liver and kidneys, and aids in gut health. Known as the“king of herbs,” this fungi has been relied upon for thousands of years in Asia for its health benefits.

✧ Singer Katy Perry uses the power of these shrooms to help her slim down

✧ Kim Kardashian says she loves using reishi facial peels to help make her skin “more elastic”.



WHY IT’S WORTH THE HYPE: One packet per night of this trendy tea from Four Sigmatic will help activate your sleep cycles and ease the occasional stress.


nature’s Xanax

Beyond helping the body manage stress this ancient medicinal herb can lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression. This herbal enhancer significantly reduces the amount of cells damaged by chronic stress.

✧ Our fave foodie and beauty blogger crush Lee From America told fans on her blog that she uses this adaptogen in teas and her notorious coconut fat balls.

✧ Actress and member of the British Royal Family, Meghan Markle tells Hello Magazine that she pops this super-herb in moments of high-stress (perhaps before the Royal Wedding).



WHY IT’S WORTH THE HYPE: These 100% vegan and organic pills include 10mg of Organic Black Pepper Extract in two capsules to enhance the absorption of the nutrients offered by Ashwagandha.