Raise your hand if you like Thai food! If you live near the Bay Area (or still need to visit), we have the best Dang roundup of Thai dishes to make your belly happy.

We asked our Thai founders and food gurus for their recommendations of restaurants worth leaving a Yelp review!

Read up, then eat up....

Downtown Berkeley: Imm Thai

Don’t be fooled by this hole in the wall. Their flavors and traditional dishes bring you right back to the streets of Thailand. OD on their Pad Khee Mao, or “drunken noodles” or slurp up some Duck Noodle Soup with your friends next time you’re in Berkeley!

South Berkeley: Tuesday Berkeley Farmers’ Market

Thai Tuesdays are kind of our thing. The entire Dang team visits our weekly farmer’s market on Adeline Street for fresh produce and a mini Thai food stand by Alex and Cindy that offers the greatest yellow rice and peanut sauce of all time. Their red snapper is a founder fave and their veggie curry is next level. The vendors travel around to various Farmers’ Markets around the East Bay, but this is the one we love. Take note: carry out only.

Oakland: Soi 4

Bring it back to Bangkok at this interesting Oakland eatery. Their banana leaf wrapped white fish, Pla Sahm Rot, serves a whole fried rock cod with a tasty 'three flavored' sauce. If you have a sweet tooth, delight yourself with some Mango Sticky Rice for dessert.

Pro tip: Sneak in a bag of Dang Coconut Crunch Sticky-Rice Chips and sprinkle them on top of your dessert for an added crunch.

Oakland: Champa Garden

When you’re trying to be healthy…. but not really… take on Champa’s Fried Rice Ball Salad. Better known as Nam Khao, this pork dish is garnished with green onions, cilantro, peanuts, lemon and lettuce wraps so you can enjoy this dish by the boatful.. Err, mouthful. If you’re looking for a main dish, and not just a side piece, their Laos Tacos, Peanut Spinach Curry and Panang Curry are solid options.

Pro tip: Dang Foods Sriracha Sticky-Rice Chips add a hit of flavor to your leftovers… if you have any!

Oakland: Vientian Cafe

Have you ever tried a Thai sausage? No? Well, now’s the time. Order their SAI OOA (Bake Laotian Sausage off their appetizer menu. This fermented sausage is made with ground pork, garlic, onion, lemon grass, chill, and lemon. This delicious dish is giving Germany and Italy a run for their money!

Oakland: Daughter Thai Kitchen

If you appreciate the term *extra* definitely go for the Crab Fried Rice. In addition, their Muay Thai Punch is served in the most Instagrammable copper pineapple goblet, and leaves you dreaming of the beaches of Ko Samui.

San Francisco, Mission: Farmhouse Kitchen Thai

Say hello to Daughter Thai’s sister restaurant. We swear they aren’t paying us for endorsements… but they should (kidding). Commit carbicide with their vegetarian Samosas and then chow down on their Pad Ka Pow chicken dish.

San Francisco, The Marina: Blackwood

This modern Thai restaurant is the Marina district’s best unkept secret; Hence the long walk-in line down the block on Saturday at brunch time. Their Thai Shakshuka tastes like the tastiest parts of Greece and Thailand had a breakfast baby. If you’re not a morning person… or afternoon person…stop by for their 24 Hours Beef Noodle Soup and Green Curry Fried rice at dinner time.

San Francisco, Inner Sunset: Marnee Thai

Their Gai Yang is not your average BBQ chicken. This dish is served up with fresh herbs and sweet chili sauce. If you can’t make it into their restaurant, they have an online cookbook if you’re feeling adventurous enough to take on the tastes of Thailand in your own home.

Pro tip: Coconut Chips almost always make every Thai dish 100% tastier. Sprinkle some on top if you decide to cook at home!

San Francisco, Nob Hill: Thai Thai Noodle

If you couldn’t already guess, this place is well known for their beautiful noods! Order their Pad Thai with tofu and their Tom Kha Noodle Soup with coconut and lime.

In this case, it’s ok to share the noods with all your buddies!

El Cerrito: Larb Thai Food & Tapas

If our founder, Vincent, says to order “everything” off the menu, you know you’re in for a treat!

Do you have a Thai favorite? Leave us a comment with places we need to check out!