After I turned 25, every day was marked by unwanted tummy aches, inconvenient hives and the constant questioning on date night of “What kind of food reaction am I going to have tonight?”

So I went in for an allergen panel and exited with zero answers. Food sensitivities are complex in the fact that they show up in your life in a multitude of ways (kind of like your crazy ex).

I followed up with my doctor and she suggested I try a six-week elimination diet where you cut out a long list of common food allergens, plus any other ingredients you believe might be a trigger. You then reintroduce them one by one to see which items are causing your rashes, skin changes, joint pains, headaches, migraines, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, bloating, stomach pain or cramps, and changes in bowel habits. And yes, all that stuff can be linked to food and diet!

However, as a total foodie and professional snacker, this extensive elimination diet was a total turn off and got swept under the rug. In my opinion, this seemed like a nightmare to eliminate all of the “possibilities” rather than just pinpoint the actual cause.

One day a co-worker suggested I try the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test. I did my research and found that with only a quick at-home blood sample, I could have test results for over ninety foods and spices within a week. I was sold!

I ordered the kit here and it arrived within a few days. The instructions were basically foolproof and my inner Grey’s Anatomy fan was unleashed. I finally got to have my Meredith Grey moment.

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I’ll spare you the bloody details, err details  it was in fact, almost bloodless. The test was as simple as clean, prick, drip and dry. Then you mail off your sample with the pre-printed return label and let the experts get to work.

Within a week, I got my lab results back which revealed that I had reactivites to the following items: Almond, Cashew, Cinnamon, Cheese (Cheddar/Mozzarella), Chicken, Gluten, Milk (Cows), Onion, Salmon, Sesame, Soybean, Walnut, Wheat and Yogurt.

While most of these definitely made sense, some of them left me shook. Did this mean I need to give up sushi, my morning almond milk lattes and my favorite food of all time….Pizza?!

 Did this mean I need to give up sushi, my morning almond milk lattes and my favorite food of all time….Pizza?!

I was confused as to what the different categories meant so I consulted with Heather from the EverlyWell team and she explained:

“The results of your food sensitivity test are meant to be a guide for your elimination diet so you can more easily identify foods that may be causing you unwanted symptoms. We typically advise that you eliminate Class 3 (High Reactivity) and Class 2 (Moderate Reactivity) foods first. If you didn't have many results in those two categories, then you can focus on class 1's (Mild Reactivity). The foods with low reactivity are considered to be 'class 0' or normal IgG reactivity and you do not have to worry about including these in your elimination diet plan.”

In layman’s terms, use the test to narrow down what you’re reactive to and then try a broad or quick elimination diet to understand your sensitivities further.

I naturally opted for the speedy version and narrowed it down to gluten, dairy, nuts and soy as my main enemies and the outstanding ones as my frenemies.

Finding out you’re reactive to some of your favorite foods is kind of like going through a tough break-up.

Finding out you’re reactive to some of your favorite foods is kind of like going through a tough break-up. You know they aren’t good for you, but it’s still so hard to let them go.

Instead of focusing on the losses, I made a list of everything I could still enjoy. This obviously included a list of my favorite Dang snacks.

If you struggle with similar food sensitivities, here are the best Dang snacks for you:

Dang Foods Light Salted Coconut Chips

Made with just three simple ingredients, these delicious coconut bites are easy to digest. We’ve had multiple customers with Autoimmune, Lyme Disease, etc. write in saying this was literally all they could stomach. These chips are great as a standalone snack or early morning smoothie topper.

Dang Foods Original Recipe Sticky-Rice Chips

If you suffer from salty cravings like me, our Original Recipe Sticky-Rice Chips are just the snack for you! They are made from gluten free sticky rice and naturally sweetened with watermelon juice. There are no added spices so your tummy will feel full and relaxed after an appropriate serving.


Do you have any tricks on dealing with food sensitivities? Drop us a comment below.