Did you know our team of Dangsters are fit AF? Even with our busy schedules, we always find time to squeeze in a quick workout and of course, a Dang snack. Learn more about our favorite places to sweat from coast to coast.

West Coast

“So, growing up in NYC in the 90s I've always loved hip hop. I found Afrohousehop and In The Groove Studios in the Bay Area and I really enjoy taking their dance classes. I think people are constantly trying to find their tribes whether it's a food tribe or a local community. The vibe at these dance classes is 100% positive, inclusive, and supportive. It feels like a natural extension of my work life.”

– Vincent K. Founder

“I love workouts at Crossfit Oakland. I get an intense all-around workout in an hour and it’s only a 5 min drive from our Berkeley Office. It’s also a great place for me to test out Dang snacks on the CrossFit and Paleo crowds. I'm excited to see the response to Dang Bar there soon.”

– Andrew K. CFO/COO


With all this action you can be Dang sure I have some Dang Sticky-Rice Chips or Coconut Chips in my backpack to keep me going. How else could I have enough energy to do all that!? 

“I am Dang obsessed with sweating it out and my favorite way to sweat it out is 7 days a week! You can find me at Orangetheory and CorePower Yoga in Redondo Beach, 9Round Fitness in Hermosa Beach and rallying with SBV (South Bay Volleyball) in Manhattan Beach on Saturday mornings. Then, I top that all off with Believe Fitness in El Segundo with some aerial arts! Every two months I like to participate in a trail run up in the mountains. I have a Spartan Race and a Tough Mudder coming up before the end of the year! With all this action you can be Dang sure I have some Dang Sticky-Rice Chips or Coconut Chips in my backpack to keep me going. How else could I have enough energy to do all that!? Dang straight!” 

– Christyne H. Director of Sales, West

“I just found out from my 23andMe that my muscle composition is common in elite power athletes, so I'm now convinced that my destiny is to be a power lifter, micro-weight division (if there is one). I used to be afraid of weightlifting, but I have a personal trainer at Equinox who has opened my eyes to the benefits of being and feeling strong. I usually fuel up pre-workout with a bowl of oatmeal, blueberries, and I throw in some Nutiva protein powder for good measure - it's seriously delicious. Post workout, my favorite snack is the Almond Vanilla Dang Bar because it has a good amount of protein and keeps me feeling full until lunch time.”

– Jina W. VP of Marketing

endless bags of Sriracha Spice Sticky-Rice Chips 

“I just had a baby 7 months ago and needed to get back into shape ASAP. I decided to join Orangetheory and it’s been kicking my a** ever since! Weekly classes bring out a competitive side in me rarely seen, and endless bags of Sriracha Spice Sticky-Rice Chips fuel me after those extra-long sprints on the treadmill.”

– Denise H. Innovation Manager


“I travel a lot, so I really like ClassPass Live's online option. I love the mobility and it keeps me out of excuses. Otherwise, BODYROK SF is hands down my favorite workout in the city. They offer so many time slots, and their quick (but mighty) 40 minute class fits great into my busy schedule. I would highly recommend trying Erica or Alycia's class if you've never been. Pro-tip: offer your instructor Dang snacks to avoid the bungee exercise...just kidding.”

– Zoe S. Social Media Manager

Pro-tip: offer your instructor Dang snacks to avoid the bungee exercise...

“After shaping up for my wedding in 2017, I discovered how amazing it is to have a personal trainer to maximize my sweat time at the gym! I love being able to lift weights in a safe and supportive environment at Body Mechanix every week. Luckily I can walk or jog to the gym, so I always bring a Dang Bar to munch on either before or after my workout!”

– Megan K. Operations Manager


“My favorite workout in San Francisco is with my trainer Christopher at VanBurren Fitness Studio. I love the fact that he has his own private gym with no more than 4 clients in there at any given time, allowing him to focus on each person individually.  His circuit training method is the most efficient way I've found to get a full body exercise within an hour. It accommodates my busy schedule as well as my fitness goals! I’m always sore after his workouts, but you know what they say, no pain no gain! Eating a Dang Bar afterwards makes all the pain worth it!”

– Anu G. Finance Manager

Eating a Dang Bar afterwards makes all the pain worth it!

“During the summer, I try to hike once a week. My favorite hike is an 8-9 mile hike to Alamere Falls, which is a beautiful beachfront waterfall in the Marin Headlands. Since this is a longer hike, I always bring plenty of snacks! My go-to is homemade granola. I really enjoy the contrast of salty-sweet, so I add lots of dried fruit and our Lightly Salted Coconut Chips.”

Audrey K. Operations Associate


“I love to spend a few hours after work at one of our awesome East Bay climbing gyms. I usually bike to Berkeley Ironworks or Bridges Rock Gym for bouldering or a yoga class. To me, climbing feels like doing a puzzle, but you also get a great workout. Plus, biking there covers cardio for the day, too! I love seeing our Sticky-Rice Chips in the snack selection behind the counter at Ironworks. It's such a great treat to share with your crew after you crush.”

– Hannah B. Marketing Coordinator

It's such a great treat to share with your crew after you crush.

“If you are into mountain biking, do the loop at Redwood Park Skyline trail in the Oakland hills. If you are in SF, go up Mt. Tam in Marin and head towards Phoenix Lake. Afterwards, refresh with some Juice Shop and refuel with Dang Bar.”

– Alex S. Product Marketing Intern

East Coast

“I like to get my workouts over and done with in the morning. I live in North Brooklyn near the East River and my favorite days are run days where I do a big circle going from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back over to Brooklyn again. A few times a week I'll head out the door with a Dang Bar and grab a to-go coffee at Ovenly, my favorite bakery. Then I'll walk to the water and take a refreshing short ferry ride over to Manhattan. After I'm fully caffeinated, l run south along the East River Park down to the Williamsburg Bridge. It's here where I'll cross over back to Brooklyn. The steady bridge incline adds a nice challenge to the relatively flat run and it's at this point I'm always glad I fueled up before the run with Dang Bar!”

– Lindsay N. Ecommerce Manager

I'm always glad I fueled up before the run with Dang Bar!

 “I’m a 5:00 am workout guy. I start with 30 minutes on the elliptical then move to 45 minutes of weights in my gym. I like to work a different body part during every workout so I can really focus on getting stronger. Post-workout, you can find me digging into my Dang Sriracha Chips. They’re my favorite!”

Rich S. VP of Sales

I love bringing my Sriracha stickies with me for a post workout snack on the water!

“The East River running path in Manhattan is without a doubt my favorite place to go for a run in New York City. Right on the Hudson river traveling up and down Manhattan, there is a beautiful view of both Brooklyn and Queens. I love to go after work when it can get pretty hectic. It is a very cool and unique New York vibe! I love bringing my Sriracha stickies with me for a post workout snack on the water!”

– Cameron D. Area Sales Manager NYC


Where's your favorite place to workout? Leave us a comment below!