Take our quiz to find out which one of our delicious, gluten free Sticky-Rice Chips are your alter-snack-ego.

You’re dying to travel to this hot spot:

A. Napa
B. Bangkok
C. Fiji
D. Tokyo
E. Amalfi Coast

    You’re besties, if asked to describe you, would sum you up as:

    A. Loyal at all costs
    B. A total risk-taker
    C. BIG-hearted
    D. One step ahead of the next trend

    E. Always ready to party

    You’re likely ordering this item off the dinner menu tonight:

    A. Lettuce Wraps
    B. Spicy Pad Thai
    C. Green Curry
    D. Sushi Rolls

    E. Thai Pizza

    You’re probably binge watching this show at the moment (or need to start):

    A. Game Of Thrones
    B. Ray Donovan
    C. Big Brother
    D. Silicon Valley
    E. Grey’s Anatomy

      If you could have breakfast with one chef it would be:

      A. Ina Garten
      B. Bobby Flay
      C. Rachael Ray
      D. Masaharu Morimoto

      E. Guy Fieri

      Time for the big reveal… Tally up the totals of each letters you circled!

      Which Sticky-Rice Chip Are You?

      Mostly A’s: Original Recipe Sticky-Rice Chip

      Just like our hero sticky-rice chip, you’re the real OG. You like to keep things honest and have an appreciation for the simpler things in life.

      Mostly B’s: Sriracha Spice Sticky-Rice Chip


      Similar to our Sriracha flavored snacks, you like to turn things up a notch. You’re adventurous in everything from your cuisine, travel and Netflix choices.

      Mostly C’s: Coconut Crunch Sticky-Rice Chip

      You’re a sweet delight, just like our coconut infused crunchy snack bites. You are always looking on the bright side of life and love finding new ways to brighten others days.

      Mostly D’s: Savory Seaweed Sticky-Rice Chip

      You sea into the future, just like our nori flavored chips. You’re a pioneer in everything from snacking to finding the newest Spotify playlist.

      Mostly E’s: Aged Cheddar Sticky Rice-Chip

      Say cheese! You’re as irresistible as our cheesy chips. People love to love you and  are drawn to your friendly, energetic personality.

      You can find our Sticky-Rice Chips in stores at Whole Foods Market, Target plus hundreds of local mom & pop stores. You can also click here to shop our Amazon Store collection today.