We hit up our friend @theecobabe to play a round of 20 questions with her. Get to know her!

Dang: What kick-started your journey to go from just being a babe to “@theecobabe?”

Monica: I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. So I guess I’ve always been an ecobabe. It just took me awhile to put it all together to be able to teach women + grow the eb. community. I think my ‘kick-start’ was reporting on celebrity beauty + fashion for AOL. I loved the gig but I really didn’t give 2 sh*ts about what I was talking about, which felt pretty empty. I wanted to talk about more meaningful issues. I wanted to somehow help the world in my own little way. Can I say sh*t? Sorry!

Dang: What’s the best piece of advice for someone who has no Dang idea where to start?

Monica: Micro to Macro! Start small. Baby steps. I think the most intimidating thing about going green is 1. The cost and 2. The pushy people! You don’t have to be a hippie living off the grid + composting every second to go green. Instead, start by recycling. Swap out your straws for metal ones. Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Be cognizant of where your clothes are made. Turn off lights. Don’t let your water run. Swap out your K cups for reusable ones in your Keurig machine. See how easy these are? And they don’t cost that much, if anything at all!

Dang: Aside from you (obviously)... Any other eco bloggers out there that we should be following?

Monica: Just me :) Just kidding! I follow mostly eco brands, but Hey Lila Hey is a blogger from Germany. She’s super cute + her posts are v. informative.

Dang: What’s the biggest misconception people have about living eco friendly?

Monica: That it’s too difficult to do! But what people don’t realize is that with those baby steps we talked about above, it’s not difficult at all. It’s a lifestyle choice. And once you start, you won’t ever look back. Also, if everyone made those baby steps, we’d make a huge impact for our Earth as a whole.

"It's not difficult at all. It's a lifestyle choice."

Dang: Dang girl, your fashion game is on point! I remember that white-on-white outfit from Beautycon. What are some of your favorite ethical clothing brands?

Monica: Aw thank you!! I’m usually in all white or all black lol! I love so many! For shoes, Kaanas. For jeans, DL1961. For basics, Pact. I also like N:Philanthropy. But here’s the thing about ethical fashion. A lot of labels, even those at major dept stores like Bloomingdales, are ethical. Or, they apply sustainable practices. So you just have to do a little research. How I do that while I’m shopping, is I go to the label’s website + go to the ‘about’ section. You’ll be surprised how many brands have green initiatives.

Dang: If you could tell your 15 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Monica: Don’t make a red flag pink! Also, you don’t need a nose job. Paris Hilton has the same one haha!

Dang: What are some healthy habits your friends have picked up from you?

Monica: Be aware of the products you’re putting onto your skin (clean beauty is a must)! Always wear your sunscreen, even on your hands. Never go without rose water. BPA free everything.

"Be aware of the products you're putting onto your skin."

Dang: Self-care Sunday is kind of a household ritual for me and the roomies. Any good tips?

Monica: YASSS same. Exfoliation is key. I love exfoliating with LATHER’s Lemongrass Scrub, all over my body on Sundays. Followed by a mask, for both face + hair. If you make self-care Sundays a habit, you just work around it. It becomes easy. For example, mask while you do laundry, write a blog, prep dinner, etc. Body scrub in the shower so it’s just part of your shower time. I’m a huge believer in self-care Sundays because on a deeper level, it’s out with the old (exfoliation), in with the new (hydration). Sundays are restorative for your body + mind. You should pamper yourself on this day!

"Sundays are restorative for your body + mind."

Dang: While we’re on the subject... What are some of your favorite shower staples?

Monica: In addition to the body scrub, I use Beautycounter shampoo + conditioner + use Lather’s face brush to gently exfoliate every time I use my face wash. And Trader Joe’s Tea Tree body wash is so. Good. It’s a dupe for more expensive washes.

Dang: What are a few items you always keep under your sink?

Monica: 100% Pure eye gels, Luzern oxygen face mask + beauty blades! Yes, I shave my face. Everyone should! Sooo good for exfoliation + makeup application. Your products will melt right into your skin.  

Dang: Where are you headed on your next Snackventure and any good suggestions on how to stay-fly like an eco babe?

Monica: Holbox MEXICO yay! I’ll be snacking a lot there. And probably not healthy snacks. More like all the chips. All the guac. All the things.

Dang: Let’s talk about your diet for a second… you’re in amazing shape (physically and mentally)! What are some of your favorite snacks?

Monica: Well I don’t know about that but I do know what I like to snack on! Besides Dang Sriracha Sticky-Rice Chips, I love a good carrots + hummus sesh. I also like EPIC bars, Rise bars + any fruit. I’m on the go a LOT so I need prepped snacks, like raw cashews + I love my green smoothies. Also, I put chia seeds in everything. Great fiber + they fill you up longer.

Dang: While we’ve got snacks on your mind…. What is your favorite Dang product?

Monica: Sriracha Chips all the way.

"Sriracha Chips all the way."

Dang: What are five things you always keep in your kitchen?

Monica: Reusable snack bags by Full Circle, coconut oil, metal lemon press (this will change your kitchen game if you don’t already have one), veggie Spiralizer for zoodles, mason jars! I use mason jars for everything -- food storage, overnight oats, food prep, even as drinking glasses. No plastic!

Dang: Any good non-waste recipes to share with us? Now we’re hungry.
Monica: YES! So many on my blog. In general, you can literally go through your fridge + throw browning fruits + veggies into pretty much any smoothie! This is how I’ve really reduced my food waste: smoothies!! In fact, the more ripe your produce is, the creamier + the better your smoothie will be. Go here for the best green smoothie recipe + the SECRET to never having to throw away bad avocados again.

I also love going through my fridge + tossing everything into a pasta salad with homemade Italian dressing (with LOTS of spinach). Or soup! These three dishes make food waste pretty much non-existent.

Dang: What’s your favorite way to sweat? Please share your secrets!

Monica: I go to a gym called Basecamp. It’s HIIT training and only lasts 45 minutes. I also love to hike (the mountain views in CA are gorg) + when I’m not at the gym, I just started Core Self. It’s an online subscription taught by an awesome instructor with no equipment. All you need is a laptop. So this comes in handy for quick mornings + travel! Email me for a promo code to both – the hike is free.

Dang: What’s your best tip for staying organized?

Monica: Write EVERYTHING down. I can’t live without my planner. I also write with a pen, not Notes in my phone. My phone just doesn’t do it for me. Crossing things off your list with a pen is so rewarding!

Dang: What eco trend are you obsessing over right now?

Monica: The no straw movement is everything! I also think it’s bringing a lot of awareness to the world, which is so important. Every time I see a restaurant or coffee shop go strawless, my heart leaps a little.  

"The no straw movement is everything."

Dang: Real talk What’s the oddest “eco friendly” item you’ve ever seen?

Monica: OMG. Those cups that look like funnels that you shove up your Brittney during your period to catch all your blood. Sorry if you use those, but that is a solid absolute no for me. I’ll take a neat little organic tampon any 7 days of the week.  

Dang: What’s the easiest change someone can make to be an eco-babe, starting today?

Monica: Start recycling.

"Start recycling."

Dang: Where can people go to learn more about you?

Monica: www.ecobabe.co