There's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Dang Foods. You may be familiar with our healthy snacks and Thai heritage, but what about our office traditions? How about our Founder's secret superpower? Get to know the Dang Gang a bit better through these five fun facts.

Our Founder, Vincent, is a supertaster. So, what does that mean? Basically, he experiences taste more intensely than other humans. For example, Vincent avoids coffee because it overwhelms his bitter tastebuds. Fun fact: just 25% of humans fall into this category, and we're honored that the maker of our delicious snacks is one of them. Read more about Vincent's experience being a supertaster via his LinkedIn.
When we're not cooking together, we're probably eating together at Dang HQ. Every day, the Dang Gang dedicates an hour to eating lunch together "family style" to honor our Asian roots. Bonus: we provide our team with free healthy lunches and try to keep it fun by incorporating traditions like going to the farmer's market to get Thai food every other Tuesday ✌️
We took our entire team to Thailand for 10 days this last year! There, we visited our suppliers and partners, learned to cook Thai dishes, visited coconut farms and night markets, and met the people creating our Dang good snacks!

Dang is a majority-women and majority-minority company. We believe in providing opportunities to those without historical access to professional advancement and always look to promote from within when possible.
Dang has a perfect 5-star rating on the employer review website Glassdoor, and we're proud of it! We care about our company culture and strive to provide a positive experience for ALL employees.