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    About Dang


    Asian-American snacks that are creative combinations of Eastern and Western flavors and ingredients, including our famous original Coconut Chips, our Thai street snack-inspired Sticky-Rice Chips, and our keto-friendly Bars made with some of our favorite Asian flavors like Lemon Matcha and Saigon Cinnamon Chocolate.

    WE USE

    Plant-based whole foods and nothing artificial.

    WE ARE

    Founded by two Thai-American brothers based on an original recipe from our mom.

    Our Story

    In 2011 I told my mom (aka “Mama Dang”) I was starting a pop-up restaurant in NYC so she gave me her recipe for Thai lettuce wraps that called for toasted coconut. I had to make my own since I couldn’t find any at the store.

    Starting from scratch, I shaved thick strips of fresh coconut meat and lightly toasted them to perfection. The naturally sweet aroma caught my roommates' attention and the satisfying flavor and crunch kept them coming back.

    I knew in that moment that I had to start a snack food company. I launched Dang, naming it after my Mom.

    My brother Andrew joined in and since then we’ve used inspiration from our Thai-American heritage to create Asian-American snacks so delicious you’ll say...
    “Dang, that’s good!”

    -Vincent K.

    Dang Founder & CEO

                      Mama knows <strong>best</strong>

    What's better than getting 'Mom' tattooed on your arm?

    Naming your company after her!

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    Where Our Snacks Come From

    Our coconuts are sourced from family farms in Thailand. As a Certified B Corp, Dang meets rigorous standards of environmental performance and public transparency, and all of our farms follow ethical business practices.

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