One of our favorite health gurus Dr. Will Cole, best known for his book Ketotarian, was kind enough to let the Dang Gang ask him some questions. Dr. Cole is known for his book “Ketotarian” which advocates a plant based Keto diet.

Are you plant based Keto curious? Scroll down to learn more about the diet in the eyes of a functional medicine practitioner and clinical nutritionist.

Dang: How did you get the idea for your book, Ketotarian?

Dr. Cole: Ketotarian was born out of my own personal health journey and years of clinical experience seeing what worked and what didn’t work for my patients. After years of being a staunch vegan relying on less than optimal plant based sources for the majority of my meals, and seeing many of my patients do the same, my health problems continued to persist. I knew there had to be a better way. By taking out the often inflammatory foods found in both ways of eating - loads of carbs with the traditional vegan and vegetarian diets and loads of meats and dairy in the mainstream Ketogenic diet - I was able to start leveraging the best of these two ways of eating for my health and my patient’s.

Dang: Why do you recommend a plant based diet rather than the typical Keto diet?

Dr. Cole: A traditional Ketogenic diet it is heavy on meat and dairy which can be extremely inflammatory for most people. Conventional Ketogenic diets are also very limited in plant foods which are filled with essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive and have powerful detoxing and cancer-fighting abilities. Ketotarian applies the same principles of a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb lifestyle of a traditional Ketogenic diet but switches the focus to clean plant based sources of fat and protein. This allows for a more well-rounded approach to wellness while still gaining the benefits of both eating styles.

Dang: What’s your go to Ketotarian recipe to make for dinner?

Dr. Cole: I am obsessed with the roasted cauliflower tacos! I am a firm believer that you can’t ever go wrong with tacos and they are the perfect base for piling on that extra guac.

Dang: What kind of reactions did you receive from people after you published your book?

Dr. Cole: I have received lots of positivity for Ketotarian. We’ve long heard about plant based diets and more recently the Ketogenic diet has gained ground in mainstream wellness, but up until now there wasn’t much in the way of resources for plant based dieters to go Keto because of the fact that it is so meat and dairy-centric. I think Ketotarian bridged the gap between these two seemingly opposite worlds in a very practical way and I think people really appreciated that.

Dang: We have to ask…..What came first? The Keto or the vegetarian diet.
Dr. Cole: Both diets have been around a while but for years the research surrounding a Ketogenic diet was mainly focused on treating epilepsy. Now with Keto growing in popularity there are more studies proving the benefits of a Ketogenic diet for a variety of health problems. Even in my own life, being a vegan for so many years, I was first drawn to a plant based diet before a Ketogenic diet even crossed my mind. However, after studying functional medicine and having access to the research on the Ketogenic diet I made the transition to become for fat-adapted and haven’t looked back since.

Dang: We ask this to all of our guests! What’s a recent or upcoming #snackventure (snack adventure) of yours?

Dr. Cole: I travel a lot for various speaking engagements so having portable Ketotarian-friendly products is essential in case I need something quick and am lacking options. I go to LA and New York often for work. While those cities are filled with many great restaurants, I want to be prepared when I am travelling. Dang Foods is a perfect option to have with me during these long travel days or I want something quick!

Dang: We sent you a few Dang bars to taste test before this interview! We’re dying to know…..Which one was your favorite and why?

Dr. Cole: Anyone who knows me knows I am a tea fanatic - matcha being one of my absolute favorites. So when I tried the lemon-matcha flavor I was in love at first bite!

Dang: What’s your best tip for someone for someone thinking of starting Keto?

Dr. Cole: Listen to your body and give yourself grace! The ethos of Ketotarian is more about loving yourself enough to nourish yourself with good food medicines without any dieting shame.

Dang: What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Dr. Cole: Don’t compare yourself to others and stay in your lane. If you are doing what you are passionate about and focusing on making that happen, regardless of what others are doing around you, you’ll be successful and people will notice your genuine presence and the heart behind your message.