#1 Pick up that journal and stop judging yourself.

Passion Planner sent the Dang Foods team their cult-followed agendas and we’re officially addicted. This isn’t your ordinary day planner - it inspired us to order colored markers and post it bookmarks to help us customize our Planner. Our VP of marketing uses it to track what she eats. I use it to organize my weekly goals and keep myself sane. Oh yeah, did we mention they come in rose gold?

#2 Make the switch to natural deodorant.

Stop putting toxins on your body! I repeat, stop putting toxins on your body! You know the Dang Gang is obsessed with all things coconut, and Kopari makes a coconut oil based deodorant that’s free from any BS. Learn more about the dangers of aluminum in antiperspirants here.

#3 Turn off your phone notifications and turn up the productivity.

Have you checked your screen time lately? The newest iPhone feature tells you exactly how much time you're spending on app and tracks how many notifications you receive on the daily. I did some investigating and discovered I spend around three hours a day on social media and receive on average 150 notifications a day. I may be a Millennial, but that seems a little alarming! Studies have shown it takes about 23 minutes, on average, to get back to your task after being distracted. A simple solution is to turn off those annoying Instagram post notifications and be present. You can also set a daily limit on your app usage if you're feeling up to an extra challenge!

#4 Clean your fkn phone.

As a Social Media Manager, my phone goes everywhere with me! The gym… the grocery store….the park... the bathroom… literally, everywhere! To avoid getting constantly sick, or breaking out, I wipe down my phone on the daily. I leave these alcohol packs in my desk drawer and disinfect my phone every morning. Think about it...if you deserve a shower, so does your iPhone.

#5 Start wearing sunscreen every Dang day.

Drunk Elephant makes a super light and gentle SPF for the face. If you live in a warmer climate, try Sun Bum SPF Spray for your body! It’s as fun to say as it is to apply. We love these products for their high standards for ingredient integrity. Both products are non-greasy and are perfect if you have sensitive skin like me.

#6 Don’t be thirsty...drink more water.

Brighten up your hydration regimen: our friends over at hint water make an amazing fruit infused water. They even make a sparkling version for those of you who like the fizz! Their pineapple and watermelon flaves are the team faves. You can subscribe here on Amazon and get your H2O on.

#7 Stop skipping breakfast.

If you have the time for coffee/tea, you really have no excuse! Reports show that skipping your first meal of the day can actually trigger health problems like stress, fatigue and increase your chances of obesity and diabetes. Reach for an apple, or our grab-and-go low carb Dang Bar, and start your morning off on the right foot.

#8 Chill out with some CBD.

2018’s hottest new trend is here to stay! No, it won’t get you “high.” Yes, it will mellow you out. For anyone struggling with anxiety, sleep deprivation or lack of focus, give this natural remedy a try. We by no means suggest stopping any mental health medication (we’re no doctors). However, many have sworn by the life changing results of CBD. If you live in a state where it’s legal swoop up some Sunday Scaries gummy bears or order some sparkling CBD water from Recess. Oh yeah, CBD responsibly folks!

#9 Do yourself and the sea turtles a favor and quit the plastic straws.

Starbucks, and many others, are getting behind this movement. If you can’t give up on the straw, try ordering an eco-alternative like these rose gold metal straws from Anthropologie. All your friends and co-workers will probably be jealous you look like a boss b*tch. And unlike the paper ones, they won’t disintegrate on you mid-beverage.

#10 Treat ‘yo self... just a little better than you did yesterday.

My unguilty confession… The best thing I did in 2018 was subscribe to a $10 makeup delivery kit from ipsy. It makes me smile every time I get it and it’s less than the price I pay for my morning almond milk latte and fruit cup. Some of my other favorite monthly subscription boxes include Wickbox’s candles, Ladybox curated favorites by the Lady Gang, Fab Fit Fun for all things girly, Beautyfix skincare box, Winc wine delivery, and Bootaybag to replace that pair of underwear you still have with holes in it!

Make the commitment now! Comment below on which resolution you are putting into place today.