WARNING: The following Instagram accounts have extremely graphic Asian food porn, viewer discretion is advised.

Friends, family, and Dangsters alike are constantly asking us for Asian meal ideas. Believe me when I say this, we are hustling hard trying to create some more Dang recipes for y'all (good things take time). In the meantime, here are ten of our favorite foodies to follow for inspiration.

Proceed with caution... you might catch yourself drooling by the end of this! 


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Shuang really knows how to make food look and taste like a million bucks whether it is putting edible rose petals on her matcha or using our favorite Dang Coconut Chips on her smoothie bowls-she truly delivers and we are crushing on her page HARD.

✦  Check out this Rose petal matcha the next time you get bored of the basic matcha drink!
✦  Her Coconut Ginger Smoothie Bowl features our Coconut Chips on top for that extra crunch and subtle sweetness

✦  These Raw Matcha Cashew Cheesecake bars she thought up are truly heavenly

  • @Thrivingonplants
  • Cherie Tu is an artist in the kitchen with her aesthetically pleasing all vegan smoothie bowls, pancake stacks, Asian-inspired Buddha and nourish bowls. She makes tofu look sexy and delicious, and we all know that’s hard to do!

    ✦ Her notorious vegan Kimchi Recipe takes cabbage to a whole other level
    ✦  We like to get our recipe inspo from her “What I Eat in A Day” videos


      A page created for people who are cheap, lazy and interested in the vegan lifestyle. She makes Veganism cheap and lazy with her Easy 10 minute vegan recipe videos and “How to fool people into thinking you are a good cook” video series.

      ✦  She is the queen of Korean street food recipes
      ✦  We love her Korean Soybean Paste Stew and her Korean Rice Cakes
      ✦ Her vegan sushi tastes just as good as it looks, talk about #droolworthy


      Boba-obsessed Krystle dabbles in all things vegan with her own Asian twist. From soba noodle bowls to Japanese rice balls, you do not want to miss her plated masterpieces.

      ✦  Definitely check out her onigirazu, otherwise known as thick Japanese rice ball sandwiches

      ✦  Her Miso Grilled Rice Ball Recipe are the perfect addition for any occasion


      Currently living in Thailand, Mark Weins focuses on authentic local cuisines from across the country. He believes in traveling to taste the food that this world has to offer, someone grab us a passport!

      ✦  He is a full time travel eater (only the coolest job ever)

      ✦  His famous Ebook, Eating Thai Food Guide is a must have for Thai recreating the best Thai delicacies


      Foodie blogger Jo Yee has been to 23 countries and counting and puts a whole new twist on food photography. We are convinced she could make milk and cereal look gourmet.

      ✦  Her Instagram feed is modern, chic, and elegant all at the same time
      ✦  She makes creating homemade wontons look easy


        Chinese-Jewish Chef, Molly Yeh, is an award-winning cookbook author and creates recipes inspired by her Jewish and Asian background.

        ✦  Her Scallion Pancake Challah is the love child of her dual heritage

        ✦  We want to start everyday with her Asian Breakfast Taco Recipe


        Singapore based food photographer & stylist, C.R Tan plating skills are the definition of 'gram worthy. 

        ✦  Soup dumplings might just be out newest obsession

        ✦ His Vegan Pesto Recipe is a game-changer


        Originally from Beijing, Maggie Zhu, is a wizard in the kitchen and transforms traditional Chinese Recipes with modern inspiration.

        ✦  This Vegetarian Thai Curry of hers has got us drooling
        ✦  Her Restaurant-style Wonton Soup might just put the Chinese restaurants out of business…

        ✦  Omnivore’s Cookbook, was listed by Yahoo News as one of  7 Food Blogs You Should Be Following For Asian Cuisine


        Hannah Che is a plant based foodie who makes the most unreal savory Sichuan noodle stir-fry recipe and sweet matcha-dark chocolate-crushed peppermint candy cookies.

        ✦  Her Bento-box creations are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who needs some meal prep inspo

        ✦  This Red Lentil Coconut Curry of hers is truly a winner in our eyes, who doesn’t like coconut milk?!

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