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    Dang Bar 6 Flavor Variety Pack
    the Plant-Based Keto Bar™
    Box of 12

    • High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low-Carb Snack Bar
    • Healthy Plant-Based Fats from Coconut, Cocoa Butter, and Almond Butter
    • Ideal for Ketogenic, Low-Carb, Low-Sugar Diets
    • Keto Certified / No Added Sugar* / Vegan / Gluten-Free
    • *Not a low calorie food
    Six Flavor Variety Pack Keto Dang Bar Ketogenic Optimized Macros

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 131 reviews
    Dang bars

    So far, I really like the Lemon Matcha, the Cardamom Chai and the Chocolate Sea Salt. Toasted Almond and Toasted Coconut were not very flavorful unfortunately.

    Hey Kathryn, Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! It's important to hear what our customers have to say as we work to create tasty and nutritious Keto-friendly snacks so we appreciate your feedback. Keep crunchin' and sharing! Christina from the Dang Gang
    Seriously addictive!

    I stumbled upon these at an event and they have quickly become my new favorite snack bars. I love the flavors and the firm texture. They tide me over between meals when I’m hungry. You must try!

    Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! We really appreciate the love and so happy to hear you're enjoying our Dang Bars! I concur..they are my go to snack and I look forward to eating one everyday! :) Keep on crunchin' and sharing! Christina from the Dang Gang
    My go to Keto bar

    Best thing to have around early morning when you're doing Keto.

    Hey Richard! Thanks for sharing your feedback! Isn't it great how convenient, healthy AND tasty these are?! We're so glad we can be part of your Keto lifestyle! All the best, Christina from the Dang Gang
    Every Flavor is good! (Except Matcha, but I hate matcha)

    Yo! I found one of these bars at an airport snack hut and it was literally the only thing that wasn't a crazy amount of sugar and carbs. Gave it a go and looooved it. Being on a strict diet, I ordered the sample pack in hopes to find a new go-to snack/preworkout bar. Favorite flavor by far is the almond vanilla bar. A close second is cinnamon chocolate. The only bar I didn't like was the lemon matcha, which I knew because matcha just does not vibe with me. I gave that flavor to my friend and he liked it a lot, so most likely is good.

    Hi Kayla! Thanks so much for your feedback! We're so excited to hear you're a fan of our Dang Bars! To be honest, the Lemon Matcha is a fan favorite! You may surprise yourself if you decide to give it a try. ;) Either way, I have to agree that the Almond Vanilla and Saigon Cinnamon Chocolate are both so yummy! Keep on crunchin', Christina from the Dang Gang

    I have been keto (but also dairy-free) for a while now and I am in love with these bars! The ingredients are healthy and they fit perfectly into my dietary lifestyle. I like all the flavors, but the almond vanilla is definitely my favorite. The only downfall is I find them super addicting and can't always stop at just one! A box doesn't last long in my house!

    Hey Natalie! Thanks for taking the time to share your amazing feedback! We love to hear from our Dang Bar fans! The Vanilla Almond is also one of my favs....I love all the flavors though, so it's hard for me to choose just one. lol You totally get me, I can never keep a box full in this house! :) Best, Christina from the Dang Gang