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    Dang Bar 6 Flavor Variety Pack (12 Count)
    the Plant-Based Keto Bar™
    Box of 12

    • High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low-Carb Snack Bar
    • Healthy Plant-Based Fats from Coconut, Cocoa Butter, and Almond Butter
    • Ideal for Ketogenic, Low-Carb, Low-Sugar Diets
    • Keto Certified / No Added Sugar* / Vegan / Gluten-Free
    • *Not a low calorie food
    Six Flavor Variety Pack Keto Dang Bar Ketogenic Optimized Macros

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 145 reviews
    Dang horrible

    I saw these at my local sprouts, got one of each flavor they had there, and was excited to have a new vegan product to take on the go. I loved the ingredients and since I've been trying to up the fats in my diet and lower my carbs, I thought this was perfect! But the texture across the board was like those old chalk cigarette candies yet somehow still dryer. It disintegrates in your mouth. I could forgive that if they actually tasted good. But they taste like they've been sitting in a warehouse for 5 years and absorbed the flavor of candles with a hint of rotting coconut. And they feel oddly hard for something that crumbles to dust so quickly. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the worst, not even protein bar, but the worst thing I've ever eaten. I really wanted to like them but just NO.

    Hi Kat, Thanks for trying Dang Bar and for taking the time to share your feedback. I’m sorry to read that you were not satisfied with the texture of our product. Dang Bars are made with whole food ingredients. You can actually see and taste the almonds, sunflower and chia seeds. Our bar has more of a crumbly cookie texture vs “extruded” bars which have a more gummy texture. The Dang Bar formula has gone through several iterations as we've tested to make sure it is fit for a low carb, Keto diet and also tasty. We understand everyone's taste preferences are different and this bar won't please every single person out there. Unfortunately, you might be one of them. We value your review and appreciate your feedback as we work to improve Dang products every day! Please message us at support@dangfoods.com so we can further assist you with your concern and try to make things right for you. Best, Christina
    So good

    I’ve been eating keto for quite a while and these are hands down the best bars I’ve tried. I’ll be ordering again soon!

    Hey Kerri! Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're so glad to be part of your Keto lifestyle! if you're a peanut butter fan, give our new PB Dang Bar a try! Let us know what you think! :D Keep on crunchin' and sharing! Christina from the Dang Gang
    The only bars I love

    They are so delish, such great ingredients, and keep you feeling good (never bloated) for hours. The only bars I love!

    Hi Dang lover! Thanks for taking the time to leave us feedback! We're so lucky to have you as a Dang fan! Keep on crunchin' and sharing! Christina from the Dang Gang

    The bars are a bit dry. Not as moist as they usually are. Took a very long time to ship as well. A bit disappointed in my favorite bars

    Hey Laurie, Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! We're sorry for your negative experience with our product. We are a small, passionate team and take our quality control very seriously. We value integrity and want to continuously improve so our Dangsters like you have the best possible snacking experience. Additionally, we are aware of the shipping times being longer than usual as we are in the thick of the busy holiday season. We are diligently working with our warehouse to investigate this issue to produce more efficient shipping times moving forward. Please message us at support@dangfoods.com so we can further assist you and make things right! Best, Christina from the Dang Gang

    Very healthy and I love I know what I am putting in my body is good for me! My stomach is happy and perfect size to keep me satisfied for 2 hours or so in between meals! Definitely not super yummy but for sure healthy :) Thank you for your product Dang Bar! I got variety flavor pack and some taste better than others. I enjoyed the lemon one best prob!

    Hey Seren, Thanks for sharing your feedback! We strive to make healthy and delicious Keto-friendly snacks and so happy to hear you're a Dang Bar fan! Lemon Matcha is definitely a fan fav! :) Keep on crunchin' and sharing! Christina from the Dang Gang